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Dental Implants


This practice has been placing implants since 1995. It is a routine part of the practice and can often be offered if there has to be a tooth lost.



Implants can also sometimes be used to replace more extensive tooth loss.(See Image 1)

The techniques we use are usually single stage surgery, with the definitive restoration being placed from 4 weeks to 4 months after surgery

“Even now, it is unfortunately sometimes impossible to save teeth.  A common reason for tooth loss in an otherwise well maintained situation is root fracture” (See Image 2)

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4
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It is now of course possible to place dental implants at the time of tooth extraction, and in some circumstances to place load on implants at the time of surgery.  Our practice currently  maintains a slightly more cautious protocol, where even in ideal conditions we do not find the potential risk for these techniques outweigh the potential extra risk of early failure. 

Techniques to place implants can be very minimally invasive.  Sometimes this can mean the insertion of implant without any surgical cuts or stitches. (See Image 3)

Usually, once the implant is inserted, the addition of abutments in order to be able to place the replacement tooth is non-invasive. (See Image 4)

Dental implants can also be used to stabilise existing dentures /prostheses.  This means that even if teeth were lost some years ago, and there has been a removable denture that  is increasingly loose   and unstable, the situation can be stabilised by the placement of a few implants in order to anchor / retain the prosthesis.

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